Talib Kweli Sues Over Rape Allegations

AllHipHop Staff

Talib Kweli is defending his reputation in court from some serious allegations.

(AllHipHop News) Hip-hop star Talib Kweli is suing bloggers at a website who published a story alleging he raped a 14-year-old girl.

The 42-year-old rapper, full name Talib Kweli Greene, is taking legal action against the writers behind Turtleboy Sports, a website founded by bloggers in 2013, according to documents obtained by U.S. website The Blast.

In his lawsuit, Kweli alleges that in April last year posts on the Turtleboy Sports Twitter account referenced a blog published on a website called Buffalo Bruisers, purporting to be a first-hand account from a woman who alleged Kweli had raped her when she was 14.

The musician's lawyers reportedly claim that site was created by Turtleboy Sports staff specifically to publish the rape story.

The blog in which Kweli is accused of rape was also published in April last year and as of January 3 is the only one that appears on the site.

In the documents , Kweli, who along with fellow rapper Mos Def is part of the duo Black Star, claims the rape allegations hurt his tour sales and put his career at risk.

He is suing for defamation and is seeking unspecified damages.

According to his lawyers, two tweets allegedly sent from the Turtleboy Sports account read, "Talib Kweli once molested a 10-year-old boy. Read it on the Internet on a site called Buffalo Bruises. Must be true" and "why did you rape that 14-year-old girl? How much did you pay her to keep quiet."

The first tweet wrongly names the website in question as 'Buffalo Bruises,' which is, in fact, a sports blog based in Buffalo, New York - whose writers have feuded online with a Turtleboy Sports blogger in the past.

The story about Kweli was published on the similarly named 'Buffalo Bruisers' website, underneath an editor's note which claims the blog is not affiliated with Turtleboy Sports.

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smh we living some effed up times right now. people can just say whatever or post whatever on line and act like this doesn't affect the people theyre saying this BS about. im glad hes suing these POS people. shut em down!!