Tay-K 47 Allegedly Tried To Start Murderous Rug-Rats Gang While In Jail

According to Texas prosecutors, the rapper is trying to form his own gang.

By: Shirley Ju (@shirju)

(AllHipHop News) It looks like Tay-K 47 may be up to no good behind bars.

Allegedly, Texas prosecutors are saying the 18-year-old attempted to start a new gang while incarcerated in Tarrant County jail.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports the Texas rapper drafted a list of rules for the new gang, calling themselves “Rug-Rats.”

One of them states “no hurting or slaughter of children, unless necessary.”

The rapper, born Taymor McIntyre, is currently awaiting trial on murder and robbery charges.

In addition to this accusation, they say he also assaulted a fellow inmate and used marijuana.

His attorney has yet to comment on the matter.