Taylor Swift Reacts To Kanye; Says Rapper Has Not Apologized

AllHipHop Staff

Today, Country singer Taylor Swift responded to the now infamous incident at the MTV Video Music Awards involving rapper Kanye West on Sunday (September 13).

West stormed the stage as Swift was receiving her first ever VMA for Best Female Video, upset because the country singer had topped Beyonce‘s “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It).”

Taylor Swift appeared on The View earlier today and addressed the incident for the first time since the incident occurred.

“I think my overall thought process was something like: ‘Wow, I can’t believe I won. This is awesome… Don’t trip and fall. I’m gonna get to thank the fans, this is so cool. Oh, Kanye West is here..cool haircut…what are you doing there? And then, Ouch. And then, I guess I’m not gonna be able to thank the fans.”

Although Kanye West has since issued three different apologies, including one during a high profile appearance on Jay Leno’s new show last night (September 14), the rapper/producer has yet to call Swift to apologize personally.

“He has not personally reached out or anything. I’m not going to say I wasn’t riled by it,” Swift told The View. “I’m not gonna say that I wasn’t riled by it. I had to perform live five minutes later, so I had to get myself back to the place where I could perform.”

After Kanye West stormed the stage, a number of celebrities weighed in on the rapper’s behavior during the awards.

Celebrities like Katy Perry, Pink, Joel Madden, Beyonce and even rappers like 50 Cent and Pitbull blasted Kanye West for his antics.

Swift stated that she was appreciated the support she received in the hours following the debacle during the VMA’s.

“I just never imagined that there were that many people out there looking out for me, so it was really wonderful to see that people were out there defending me so I didn’t have to,” Swift said.