Teairra Marí Claims There's No Arrest Warrant Connected To 50 Cent Legal Case

It doesn't seem like this back-and-forth is ending any time soon.

(AllHipHop News) The legal and social media battle between Teairra Marí and 50 Cent continues to play out. Fiddy has been trolling the Love & Hip Hop star ever since she was ordered to pay him $31,000.

Marí sued the mogul born Curtis Jackson for re-posting images from a sex tape. The case was dismissed and she now has to compensate 50 for his legal fees.

Instead of giving the G-Unit boss his money, Marí released a song titled "I Ain't Got It." 50 fired back by claiming he trademarked the phrase so his nemesis could not make any profit off it. The iaintgotIt.com website even redirects to gunitbrands.com.

There were also reports that a judge issued a bench warrant for Mari after she allegedly missed a court appearance related to the situation. However, the Detroit-bred singer returned to Instagram to declare fake news and to call 50 Cent a liar.

Teairra wrote:

Never believe a n*gga named Curtisss... even if he is your favorite washed up old school rapper.... 😩Here is the real news: My Lawyers are all the way on point (the best), I never had an arrest warrant... and Spare Change never TRADEMARKED SH*T.. he’s just trying to steal drip.. he needs it bad.. you see how this boy dress 😖 🤷🏽‍♀️#iaintgotit™️ #wanted#Getthestrapon #50centpeddlesmoonshine

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