Teairra Mari Relies On Friends To Pay Her Bills, 50 Cent Says She's Hiding Money

The pair are still feuding in court over a judgment 50 is trying to collect from Teairra Mari.

(AllHipHop News) Teairra Mari recently told a judge she is "broke broke" as 50 Cent continues to go after the reality star over a $35,000 judgment he won.

In January a judge ordered Teairra to pay 50 Cent's $35,000 legal bill, but she has been claiming broke, and even wrote a song about her situation called "I Aint Got It," to taunt the rapper.

50 won after Teairra lost a bid to sue the rap star/actor/producer/debut collector, over a leaked sex tape, which briefly ended up on his Instagram page.

Teairra recently told a judge she made $8,000 per-episode on during her time on "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood," and earned a total of $100,000.

But since then, Teairra has been dependent on her boyfriend and her friends to pay all of her bills, except her phone bill.

Teairra recently had to turn over all her bank statements, pay stubs and tax returns to 50, who maintains she is purposely hiding her money.

The case is ongoing, and 50 Cent is seeking an additional $25,000 from Teairra for the new legal bills he has incurred trying to collect on the original judgment.

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