Teairra Mari's Debt To 50 Cent Keeps Ballooning As She Avoids Paying Judgment

AllHipHop Staff

50 is still tracking down his money from "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" star Teairra Mari.

(AllHipHop News) Teairra Mari's nightmare with 50 Cent is far from being over after the rapper won another victory in court.

A judge ordered Teairra to fork over another $4,392.50 to the Queens, New York rapper, over claims she's costing him extra money by refusing to pay him a $30,000 settlement.

"Stop f##king playing with me,😆IM NOT GONNA LOSE🤨," 50 Cent said in response to the news.

Teairra lost a lawsuit she filed against 50 Cent, over claims he reposted a graphic image of her from a sex tape.

The raunchy video, which featured the "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" star with ejaculate on her face, was posted to her own social media page, supposedly by her ex-boyfriend Akbar Abdul-Ahad.

In January, she lost a bid to get a restraining order against 50, in addition to being socked with the $30,000 judgment to cover his legal bills and the rapper has been relentless in tracking down his money.

But she started taunting 50 on social media when she dropped her song dissing him titled "I Aint Got It."

Now Teairra's debt to 50 Cent has ballooned to $34,392.50. She seemed to address the matter in an Instagram post.

"Storms are needed to clear the path 🌪 Realignment occurs after destruction just hit the reset button🖲 #TheTakeover," she wrote on IG.