Tech Talk: 230 Miles per Gallon? New Blu-ray! Big Pix!

Welcome to another

episode of Tech Talk! I’ve been searching to find something you don’t see

everyday. We did a piece a while back that featured the Netflix

Player by Roku, a cool little box that streams Netflix content to your TV

without turning on your PC.

LG has just upped the

ante by adding that same feature to the BD300, a Blu-ray player. The

convenience of instant wireless network connectivity would be nice, but you

won’t get that on this model - it has to be plugged into your home broadband


This next gadget might

get you photo junkies kinda hot and bothered. This company named Hasselblad is flexing its megapixel

muscle. Their H3DII-50 ($40k) boasts

a 50 megapixel resolution and the largest photo sensor on earth.

Specs: Ultimate DSLR Advantage Integrated 50 Mpix capture

units with 3” display Ultra-Focus: integral

optimization of digital lens performance Hasselblad Natural Color

Solution Integrated CCD cooling

sink for lower noise Direct ISO/WB control Thumbwheel control of

digital menus GPS accessory option Full Digital APO

Correction for improved image sharpness and detail Market’s most versatile

lens program Choice of eye-level or

waist-level viewfinders Field FW upgrade of H3D

camera Choice of media: CF card -

Image Bank II Easy sensor cleaning View camera option Un-tethered and tethered

operation Hasselblad 3FR raw - or

DNG export

Aptera motors just got a helping hand from the big homie, the division of Google that donates to worthy causes.The $2.75

million investment may go to bringing their Typ-1 vehicle ($30k) to the masses.

The $30k price tag ain’t bad,

but the estimated 230+ MPG makes me want one no matter what it looks like.

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