Tech Talk: Arnold's Total Recall A Reality? Print & Go With Pogo!

What’s up AllHipHop fam! New technology makes

life for some of us a little bit easier, and for some, a little

bit harder.

I found a couple of gadgets to argue both points... Hopefully you fall on the easy side of the fence.

The first one is from Polaroid. They found a way to get in the digital pic game

while staying true to its instant paper photo roots, the PoGo Wireless Mobile

Printer ($150).

This thing prints 2” x 3” pictures on water proof, tear resistant sticker paper. Photos are dry as soon as they come out, thanks to ZINK™ or "zero ink" technology.


piece of paper is actually embedded with two million heat activated dye



2” x 3” sticker pictures

Connects via USB and Bluetooth.

Price: $150 for the unit, 30-packs of photo paper cost $10.

Dimensions: 4.7” H X 2.8” W X 0.9” D Weight: 8 oz (without paper) includes battery

The second one is the government issued TSA body

scanner. I remember watching Total Recall

and seeing Arnold run through the full body x-ray thinking how crazy it was.

Well 18 years later, movie fiction is fact. The

TSA (Transportation Safety Administration) has rolled out the real thing to 10

airports across America, including New York’s JFK, and is planning more this


This controversial scanner can see through clothes

to spot concealed weapons and items, but uses privacy software to keep your

private parts private. I guess safety come at a price, but I don’t want Uncle

Sam “undressing me.”

Holla if you feel the same.

Til next time, I’m tech shopping.

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