Tech Talk: Beats On the Go? Glass Keyboard; Built In Bluetooth!

It's your gadget guy Troy, back to share some tech info with you. This week I found a little something for everyone!The first set of toys is from the good people at Korg, who have been helping musician and producers make music for years. Even though they are old school, they've been stepping the tech game up. With their new three-piece nanoSeries, you can make a beat anywhere your laptop will go. Features: • nanoKEY 25 note keyboard, MIDI controller and comes with download code for M1le • nanoPAD 12 trigger pads, X/Y pad, roll and flam functions, shipping with Toontrack's EZDrummer Lite • nanoKONTROL this 9 knob, 9 fader controller rounds out the three. It has a note input mode, and comes with a discount code for Abelton.There’s no pricing available yet, but looks like it may be a top seller.If you’re into neat, streamlined gadgets, you'll want to see this keyboard from designer Kong Fanwen, the No-Key Glass Touch-Keyboard. It uses a camera to see which keys you strike on the glass keyboard, and your computer resounds accordingly. The last goodie we’ve got is the new LG Decoy ($179.99 with 2-year contract) for Verizon Wireless. What makes this phone so special is it is the first phone to have a Bluetooth headset built-in. The headset auto pairs so no set-up required and charges when connected to the phone. Specs: • 2-megapixel camera• a memory card slot for microSD cards• music and video playerThat's it for this week! Til next time, I’m keeping it gadgety.Troy Gayle is the Founder of