Tech Talk: Bluetooth, BluRay and Talk Forever

I live in the Northeast, and as I’m typing this it’s

snowing like crazy. The weatherman is forecasting 6 to 10 inches of snow, can you

believe that? I don’t know about you,

but for me when it gets like this, the indoor toys come out and it’s time to


Sony just announced two new Walkmans, the NW-A829 (16 GB) and the NW-A828 (8 GB). And you’re probably like, “Yeah, another mp3

player, so what?” The “so what” is the

Bluetooth connectivity. There’s still no

price availability info, but here are the specs:


WMA, ATRAC, Sony PCM and AAC/High Efficiency AACMPEG-4/H.2642.4-inch

(320 x 240) LCD display9.3mm


(just under 2 ounces) 36-hour

battery life for tunes, or a 10-hour

life span for video

Now that the digital video format wars are over

and BluRay came out on top, there are a lot of emotions running wild. On the up

side you got BluRay fans saying, “I been tryin’ to tell you, BluRay is the ish!”

On the downside you got HD-DVD heads saying, “What

the f*** am I gonna do wit this bulls*** I bought?”

Well, I like watching movies in pretty high def

too, but I’m not dropping $600 on a DVD player. That’s where the upconverting

DVD player comes in. They play standard DVD’s but bump the resolution up to

720p or 1080p depending on the model. And best of all, you can usually find

them for under $100. Here are a couple of options:




CD-R, CD-RW, VCD, SVCD, MP3, WMA and DivX formatsHD JPEG playback allows you to view

high-megapixel images in enhanced resolutions for stunning slideshowsDolby Digital and DTS digital surround sound

outputs let you send multichannel audio to a compatible A/V receiver to

create a cinema-quality soundscapeZoom feature lets you select an area of the

picture and magnify it or increase the viewable screen area for letterbox

filmsBookmark search and resume playback functionsOutputs: HDMI, component video, S-video, video,

coaxial digital audio, optical digital audio, audio

LG DN798

($90.99) - has pretty much the same features as the JVC the addition of a


USB media host lets you connect your digital

devices to access images and music filesParent lock controls prevent your children from

being exposed to undesirable material

The last thing I want to show you in this week’s

installment of Tech Talk is a service rather than a gadget. It’s a home phone

service from T-mobile called Talk Forever Home Phone.

Several months back they rolled out a service called Hot

Spot @Home, where if you had one of a few phones, you could pay $10 per month

and get unlimited mobile calling over your Wi-Fi network. Well, now for that

same $10, you can add home phone service and keep your existing number. Here’s what you get:


long distance Call

forwarding 3-way

conference calling Voicemail


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