Tech Talk: Click It, Stick It, Bump It

The tech goodies never cease to amaze me. Let me know if you’re

feeling them like I am!

You ever been out on vaca, just taking pics galore only to

fill up you memory card on day two? 

That’s exactly the reason SmartDisk

are hittin you with the PhotoBank.

With the push of one button you can transfer all of your

pictures to the device. This allows you to re-use your memory card without the need

of a computer or finding a spot to develop them.



data transfer via the LCD status indicatorReads

Compact Flash I/II, MicroDrive, Memory Stick, MS-PRO, SD,

Mini-SD, MMC and SmartMedia40GB

capacity4.5 in

x 3.1 in x 1.0 in rechargeable

lithium-ion batteryUSB


Post-it notes have been around for ever. Researchers at MIT decided it was time to

digitize them with their “Quickies.” Now your notes can be sent directly to your computer or cell phone effortlessly!

A couple years ago, Lexus developed a parallel parking

feature for their high end vehicle. Volkswagen said, “We can do that!” and

stepped the game up a bit. Park Assist

Vision does it all from helping you find the spot, to parking your car and

even pulling it out if there is no room to open your door. Peep the video!

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