Tech Talk: Computer Love

Whether its Mac or PC, we love our computers and what we store on them. I found a couple things to make sure that fire keeps burning

OWC has announced their Mercury Elite-AL Pro Firewire + USB2. They range from 80 GB ($107.99) to the 1TB ($369.99), and for those of you who don’t know, 1 terabyte is the same as 1000 gigabytes.

It requires no setup - as soon as you plug it in you’re ready to go. I’m sure you could figure out what you wanna do with all that space, but if for some reason you need more, each hard drive has two firewire ports so you can link multiple drives together. Now that’s hot!


Interfaces Supported:

FireWire 800 (1394B)

FireWire 400 (1394a)

USB 2.0

USB 1.1

Drive Rotation Speed: 7200 RPM Data Buffer: 16 Megabyte (16,384K) Port Configuration:

FireWire 800 - (2) 9 pin ports

FireWire 400 - (1) 6 pin port

USB 2.0/1.1 - (1) 5 pin port

Externally bootable

Software Included:

Intech® Hard Disk SpeedTools Utilities™ OEM (For Mac OS 8.6 - X only)

ProSoft Engineering® Data Backup for Mac OS X v10.2.8 or later

NovaStor NovaBACKUP® for Windows 2000 or later

Now that you have limitless storage space, you’d hate to lose it all because of a system failure. NTI wants to make sure that doesn’t happen so they developed Shadow.

Shadow is a software program that allows you to back up any file or you complete PC to an external hard drive, CD, DVD or Blu-Ray disc in its original format. So whether you got family pics, mp3’s or the new beats you just made, rest assured you won’t lose them.

Here are just a few of the features:

Smart USB Device Detection - Shadow 3 automatically identifies specific USB flash drives you have chosen for a backup job and will only perform backups when the specific drive is connected to your PC or Mac.

Advance File Type and Custom File Type Filtering - For convenience and ease-of-use, select specific file type groups and Shadow 3 will only back up the file types you direct it to - you can save just your photo files, video files, music files, and/or data files. For additional control, you can use the filters for inclusion as well as exclusion.

Create Multiple and Concurrent Backup Jobs - NTI Shadow enables you to schedule multiple as well as concurrent backup jobs. For example, you can schedule real-time, continuous backup of your data files and weekly backups of just your photo or music files. It's that easy!

Restoring is as Easy as Drag-and-Drop

If you had need for the other two products I talked about, then you’ve probably got a few music files or movies on your computer. If you’re gonna play your tunes; you might as well let everyone hear.

Boston Acoustics just announced their new MM 226 2.1 pc speaker system with subwoofer.

Its slim design is pushin’ 200 watts of power, 100 of which is the subwoofer alone. For $179, it’s worth checking out.


· Three-piece system with 200 watts Total System Power

· Second stereo input

· BassTrac audio processing for rich, clean bass at any volume

· Available in Midnight with Onyx grille and Mist with Silver grille


· High-output dual 2-inch drivers

· 1/2-inch high performance tweeters

· 25 watts RMS/50 watts dynamic output power per channel


· 6-1/2" subwoofer driver

· 50 watts RMS/100 watts dynamic output power

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