Tech Talk: Electric Dreams

I don’t know about you, but I love to see the next hot thing

that’s coming out and try to reason to myself "why I need this." The good thing

is, it’s not hard to convince myself. 

That bad thing is… it’s not hard to convince myself.

Your pockets gotta be a little deep to keep up with the tech

game, but here are few things I dream about.

It’s no secret that music downloads have affected album

sales and the stores that carry them. In an effort to bring consumers back, Sony/BMG has flexed their innovation

muscle. This week they released what they call Digital Album Cards. They’re basically gift cards that you activate

upon purchase, and then you go to to download the album.Not only do you get mp3’s that are compatible with all music

players, but you get art, interviews, behind the scenes footage, bonus tracks -

and in some cases, an additional album by that artist.

Apple TV 2 is

another option for bringing your digital entertainment from your computer to

your television for a mere $229-$329. Just like version 1, it allows you to

view any media stored on your computer, whether Mac or PC, on your high def

TV. You are also able to stream content from YouTube and iTunes

through your wired or wireless network. Sync up to six computers wirelessly. You’ve

got up to 50 hours of video or up to 9,000 songs with the 40GB version, or 200

hours of video or 36,000 songs with the 160GB one.

What’s new is you can do all of this without a computer, and

with iTunes’ new movie rental you can get movies instantly.

Now you have a way to view your favorite movies and video

content, but what about the ear candy? Boston

Acoustics has the answer, a two piece speaker set called the TVee Model Two. The “soundbar” is the main speaker that can

be placed above or below you TV.

HDTV-quality sound Connects with just one cable Works with any remote Soundbar perfectly sized for

monitors 32-inches and up Wireless subwooferAvailable Finishes: Midnight

with onyx grille, Mist with silver grille

In the Hip-Hop culture, we love our whips and we love

putting toys in them. I ran across this

in-dash multimedia solution from Pioneer. The AVIC-N4 is their latest navigation/audio video player, retailing

for around $1,600. It can play can play DVD’s as well as movies recorded in

DIVX, MP3’s, WMA’s and ACC’s.

When you plug in your iPod, all the controls are right

there on your touch screen. It also

connects to your cell phone, so you can enjoy hands-free capabilities.

7" Motorized Touch

Screen Display in 1DIN Chassis"iBus" iPod Direct

Control (Audio and Video) (CD-I200 Required)Bluetooth® Adapter Ready

(CD-BTB200 Required)

That’s it for now, but until next time, I’m gonna keep dreaming.

Troy Gayle is the Founder of