TECH TALK: iPod Challenger, Blu-Ray Bargain!

What up tech fans and tech fam. Fall is here and you know that that means, you gotta start spendin' cash. The kids need school clothes, you need your own new change of weather wardrobe, and before you know it you'll be Christmas shopping. But after doing all that, how are you gonna afford those new toys you've been eyeing? In this weeks wrap up, I have a couple affordable multimedia goodies for you to check out. You can keep your tech game rolling, and not break the bank.

The first is the RCA Lyra Slider PMP(personal music player). It will be available later this fall in two flavors, the 4gb version for $79.99 and the 8gb version for $99.99. it's got a pretty slick look and it's loaded with function. It gives you the basics such as audio and video playback, but they also threw in a few extras such as photo sideshow, and FM radio. Here are a couple other features:

· USB 2.0 port

· Rechargeable battery

· good for 50 hours of audio and

· 8 hours of video playback

· Built in voice/media recorder

For the price, I think it's worth a look.

The second toy is for those of us who enjoy the home theater experience, but our pockets aren't as deep as we'd like them to be.

It's the MVBD-2510 Blu-ray Player by Memorex. It's priced at $269.99. If you been checking out the prices of Blu-ray players, you know that's a steal.Features:

· Progressive scan Blu-ray Disc player 1080p capability for higher definition video content

· Full HD 1080p, DVD up-conversion up to 1080p (480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p), 24p, 60p video frame rate

· Multi-channel audio content (supports more advanced Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD)


· 16:9 / 4:3 picture select

· On-screen graphical user interface

· Slow motion function (2x - 4x - 8x)

· RW/FF play function (2x - 4x - 8x - 16x)

· VFD display

If nothing else, this player is gonna change the game and make BD accessible to homes. I'm not sure if he has them yet, but I’m sure your local "hustle man" will have them bootleg Blu-ray movies pretty soon....not that I condone that, I'm just sayin’.