Tech Talk: Life In 3D

[Photo: Mitsubishi's LaserTV]If you‘ve been thinking about getting a surround sound

system but realize you really don’t have the space, the Zvox

425 ($700) may be the answer. It’s an

all-in-one virtual surround speaker.


5 speakersTwo powered sub woofersPowerful 133-watt amplifierAuto power offProprietary PhaseCue virtual

surround sound systemAll in one slim cabinet

(36.5”w x 5.5”d x 7.5”h).

I also found a couple of TV sets to go with the new audio

setup. The first one is only available in Japan. Retailing at ¥498,000 (about $4,857) it’s the

world's first 46-inch 3D stereoscopic television Hyundai.

It works by picking up Japan’s new BS11 3D broadcasts pumped

by Nippon BS. The LCD brings and apparently works fine for traditional 2D broadcasts.


x 1,080 resolution2x

HDMI and 3x composite inputs46

inch LCD

Mitsubishi also

has a new TV technology in the works called LaserTV. The LaserVue as it’s called is the first laser-powered

television. The innovation is in its eco-friendliness. It displays higher

picture quality than other televisions currently on the market while consuming half

the power of LCDs and a third that of plasma. Good for the earth and your

pocket! Look out for that in the third

quarter of 2008.

That’s all I've got for this week, but let’s keep talking tech!