Tech Talk: Photo Power! Electric Luxury Car?


hope you’re all still gadget happy the way I am! I know it’s been a minute, but

I got your tech fix.


you’re serious about taking pics at that summer concerts and music festivals, Samsung TL34HD ($329.95) may be what

you need. It flaunts 14.7 mega pixels! That alone makes me want it.


also has a 720p hi-def movie mode, along with a few other extras. Check ‘em out:


Optical Zoom - 3.6xLCD Size - 3.0"

hVGA Touch Screen LCDShutter Speed - Auto: 1 ~

1/1,500 sec. Manual Mode: 15 ~ 1/1,500 sec.- Night: 8 ~ 1/1,500 sec. ISO - Auto, 80, 100, 200,

400, 800, 1600, 3200Movie Mode - HD 720p

Resolution @ 30fps Memory Card - SD/SDHC (up

to 8GB)

Special Features

- 28mm Wide Angle Schneider Lens

- HDMI CEC (Optional HDMI Cradle)

- DLNA Compatible

- Smart Touch 2.0 User Interface

- High-Performance DRIM Engine Image Processor

- Dual Image Stabilization (Optical + Digital)

- DCM Support (Digital Contents Management)

- Face Detection AF & AE /

Smile Shot / Blink Det


and function! Fisker is entering the

high-end automotive market with the Karma

plug-in hybrid. If you don’t know, that’s when you plug your car into an

electric outlet, and the power stored in the battery is what drives the vehicle

for the first set number of miles (40, for instance) before the gas kicks



in theory, if you charged it every set number of miles, you would never need

gas. They plan to produce 15,000 annually, showing up state side in the end of

’09. Look for them in a rap video soon, and then remember where you saw it



last new toy I want to show you is for the social gamer. It’s the WiiSpeak, and it was the talk of the

town at E3 last weekend. You should be hearing more about that in AllHipHop Gaming

this week! WiiSpeak is a mic allows individuals or rooms full of people to talk

junk while getting their game on.


next time, have fun!

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