Tech Talk: Public Enemy's Studio Prize! Ride the Winglet? Freewheeler Worth the Cost?

Whether gadgets are your tools, your toys or the bane of your existence, it’s always good to stay up on what’s out there. I found a couple gizmos I hope at least spark a little convo. Check’em out!

I couldn’t pass this up, and neither should all you

aspiring, up and coming producers and beat makers. Legendary rap group Public Enemy has teamed up with M-Audio® and Obey (the same company that recently put out PE’s clothing) to

sponsor a remix contest.

How it works:

--Create an original audio track to accompany an a cappella

version of Public Enemy’s “Harder Than You Think,” which appears on their

current album How You Sell Soul to a Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul--Upload it to M-Audio's website

It’s that simple, but I know what you’re thinking: 'Then what?" All entries will be judged by Chuck D and Johnny Juice. Now you’re like, "Ok cool, but what do I get

if I win?" Winner gets:

A complete home studio from M-Audio®

The winning track will also be released on 12” vinyl by Obey

Records, the b-side of which will be an exclusive unreleased Public Enemy trackYour new 12” will feature artwork from Shepard Fairey All the proceeds will go to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America (where else can you help the kids while getting yourself a studio?)


has tossed its hat into the personal transport arena. Their Winglet is a Segway-like scooter that comes in three sizes. It's actually being compared to inline skates in the way it operates, but it definitely has bigger wheels.There’s no word on the cost, and no word on if it’ll be sidewalk legal, but it looks like it could be fun. Check out the video:

Finally, I try to always hit you guys

with one of those products that makes you say, “Word, really?” and I think the Freewheeler does just that. It’s a 22.8” x 9.8” “wheel” that houses a pair of coaxial speakers for true stereo.

The notable feature is that its

wireless. It can be placed up to 656 feet away from its included base station and run for about eight hours on a single charge. Now I understand this is a high end product, but with a $21,000 price tag “Freewheeler” and “splurge” quickly become antonyms in my dictionary.

Audio characteristics:

52 - 21,000 Hz

frequency response112 dB max SPL output

Til next time, let us know how you

feel about this stuff!

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