Tech Talk: Rip and Run

Summer is fast approaching - even if it doesn’t feel like it -

and it’s about that time to start working on your beach body. I swear I wanted to go out and jog, but I had

to type this up.

What can I say is, I’m willing to sacrifice for you guys.

Fortunately for all of us, Samsung and Adidas got together to help you get motivated

with a phone that is also an exercise buddy. 

The miCoach, which will launch next month in the UK, has

everything you’d expect and a few things you might not. Features:

2 mega

pixel cameraUSB2

and Bluetooth connectivity1 gig

flash memoryPlays

MP3’s, AAC’c, WMA’s, MPEG4’s and H.263’s

It allows you to customize your workout with specific goals

in mind such as target heart rate, number of steps stepped, number of calories

burned and distance run. After it's

all over, you hook it up to your PC to keep a log.

A couple of years ago, Nike and Apple teamed up to create the

Nike+, a workout tracking system that consists of a sensor you place in your

Nike+ running shoe, and a module that you connect to your iPod. The tempo of

the music is determined by how hard and fast you run.

Well, they are at it again, but this time they’re bringing

the workout indoors. They’re working with various gym equipment manufactures to

create machines that the iPod will plug into and track your exercise

progress. You should start seeing these

new devices this summer.

After the workout is done, sit back and relax with Will.I.Am’s

blog/social networking site What’s cool is he has partnered with

RIM to bring dipdive and its content to Blackberry. I think the corporate world

is starting to realize how important our dollar is.

Troy Gayle is the Founder of