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If you’re a Netflix user, they just gave you

another reason to keep your subscription.

They recently announced the Netflix Player Roku. For $99 Netflix members can stream movies and

television shows from their instant queue directly to their TV. Here’s a list

of specs:

Video and Audio Connections



• Component Video

• S-Video

• Composite Video

• Digital Optical Audio

• Analog Stereo Audio

Network Connections

•Wired Ethernet

•Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g)

DJ’ing has evolved immensely over the years from simply spinning records to

mixing to scratching. Next thing you know, if you can’t rock a party with your CD

turntables or a laptop, you’re old news. 

Well DJs, prepare to drop a little more loot on the next great thing! This

kid named Scott Hobbs invented a set of touch screen turntables called the ATTIGO tt. They allow you to cut, grab,

loop and mix tracks all in real time. He’s still looking for major backing, but

check out what he came up with on his own:

Maybe it’s the lack space or maybe it’s the small budget, you wanna add a TV

to your office space, but for whatever reason, it’s not happening. Pinnacle has

a low cost way of bringing TV to you computer with the PCTV HD Pro Stick ($99).

It picks up analog, standard definition and high definition digital

Television signals. You can set up favorite channel lists, scheduled recordings

and even pause live TV. It comes with an antenna for over the air broadcasts, but

can also be hooked up to you incoming cable line.

It also comes with remote control video cable adapters to record video

straight from your camcorder.

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