Tech Talk: Sound Off

I’ve been a fan of for some time now and now

that I have a chance to contribute, I wanted to make sure I hit you guys with

something worth while. In my first installment of Tech Talk, I’m going to show

you some of the toys I’ve been playing with.

The first set of gadgets includes the iPod and an iPod

companion. The iPod in one flavor or another has become a staple in almost

everyone’s bag of gadgetry. The new generation of the Nano is part of the

reason why. While this version is smaller than a credit card, the screen is

larger and allows you to browse your collection by album art. Not only that, it

now plays video.*Hot Point - Video playback capabilities


Hot Point -

Stuck using iTunes to move files onto the device

So now you’re stylin’ with your new iPod, and your car

stereo ain’t that fly. You still want to listen to your mp3's in the car, but the

problem is you can’t afford an iPod ready stereo? Well, you might want to try

an FM transmitter like this one from BlueRaven:

The first thing you will notice

is this unit is extremely tiny. Not only that, it weighs next to nothing, so

you will barely notice it when browsing your music library.

It comes with a car adapter that allows you to charge your

iPod while the transmitter is connected. It’s also extremely easy to use. You

just plug it into your iPod, set your station then set your radio to the same

station. You can store up to three pre-sets so you don’t have to search around

for good station.

*Hot Point - Small size and station presets, you can use it

with any fm radio

*Not Hot Point - Sound quality could be better

Next we have a product that is perfect for the old school

music fan that doesn’t want their record collection to go to waste, the

professional DJ that wants to step their digital game up or the producer

looking for that sample. It’s the TTUSB10 by Ion Audio.

If you own records, you

know how it works. It connects to your PC via USB, can automatically detect and

label tracks, and even accepts auxiliary audio sources.

*Hot Point - Software automatically detects and labels

track info


Hot Point -

You have to manually tell it when each new track begins

Finally, for your home or small office, you need to be online

to stay connected with the world. Let’s face it; stringing wires and cables all

across your home is not a good look. I found this product duo that gets the job

done - the ZyXEL p-330w. It is a wireless router, and your gateway to the

Internet (sends the signal to computer).

It allows you to give internet access to multiple computers

at once, so split the bill and share the service. The Linkskey G750 is a

wireless network adapter (catches the signal from the air) that plugs into you

USB port, so no need to open you pc.

Put them together and your network will be

up and running in no time.

*Hot Points – Connect to the internet wirelessly, share file

between multiple computers

*Not Hot Points – Not the fastest on the market, but it’ll


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