Tech Talk: Studio-Free Beats on the Go? Electricity-Free TV! Ohio's Free Wireless!

What up AHH fam! Summer time is in full swing and who wants to be stuck indoors, right? Here are a couple of toys to help you be productive, or at least be entertained while on the go.Akai Professional has been setting producers free for years and the addition of XR20 is no exception. Its compact size makes it completely portable, and its list of features and capabilities empowers everyone from the basement beat maker to the major studio producer.


Backlit LCD

Bright, glowing, backlit pads that follow the beat

Microphone input and Headphone output

Pattern Play Mode - Different patterns can be triggered from individual pads

Drum Roll / Note Repeat feature for realism and expression

Battery Power capability and AC Adapter

Check the video for a full overview:

Though it's only a prototype right now, Sharp thought it would be extremely nice to liberate us from our dependency on the electric company and get us a little sunshine. They're working on a new 26-inch LCD TV that uses a quarter of the power of it CRT TV counterpart. 

They're going to market this with a solar panel of about the same size, so getting your lights shut off will have no effect on your TV viewing pleasure.The residents of Akron, Ohio should love this one. The city has pledged to build a $800,000, free wireless network. The project will span the next five years and will benefit 90,000 residents and 3,100 city workers. That's just a small part of 26-city project run by the John S. and John L. Knight Foundation. Just think, millions of people will be emancipated from Starbucks everywhere.It was fun, but it’s time for you to set yourself free, so unchain yourself from your computer and go have some fun! I'm sure there's gotta be a party or cook out or something you could be doing. ‘Til next time.

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