Tech Talk: The Best Nine Inches

I don’t know about you, but I love the way these people keep coming up with

more ways to make my life a little bit more expensive everyday.

You can’t expect me not to want all this hot tech gear!

To kick things off this week, meet the Philips DCP951 ($199.99, pictured on the right).

Yes, I know, I know - it’s another iPod dock, but check it

out. You stick your iPod in and everything from the little screen is now on the

DCP951’s nine-inch screen.

Not only do you get a dock and charger for that new touch

you picked up, it also plays DVDs!

Samsung just

announced that they will have a wireless HDMI

option for their HDTV’s. It is exactly

what it sounds like - rather than physically connecting your TV with a cable to

your DVD player, cable box or game console, you can do it wirelessly.

With this $800 upgrade, you can expect full 1080p picture

resolution from a video component that is located across the room or behind a

wall. They’ll be out in Japan first, and hopefully it won’t be long before

these hit the U.S. market.

It’s been long promised but now it’s here…the Skype headset for PSP. It allows you to make

VOIP, or internet calls from your PSP. 

Here’s a quick demo on the Skype:

Many of us have cell phone obsession. We love to switch up every

time something new comes out. But what

if that phone isn’t supported by your carrier and you hate going through hassle

of unlocking them? I ran across this last company based in the UK called SIMable with a product of the

same name.

Basically what you do is modify your SIM card so it unlocks

any GSM device you put it in. A current

list of compatible phones can be found on simable.comI’m done for now, but hit me up and let me know what you

think. My eyes are always open for the next great thing in tech - you do the


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