Tech Talk: The Smartpen is Mightier...

Isn’t it amazing how computers can interface with just about

everything in our lives? If you’ve read

Tech Talk before, then you know this is where I start talking about some stuff

I’ve come across in my travels that fits the mold. Well, here we go again.

We’ve all seen, touched and used ink pens, I’d hope. Pretty simple lil thing - it writes. Then one day back in grade school some dude

put an eraser on them….wack! It turned your homework into straight garbage with

all those dingy eraser marks on your work.

Livescribe has

put a new twist on an old tool with their Pulse

Smartpen. It can record your notes with its built in camera, and also

record audio via its dual microphones. It’s jam packed full of features, and everything that goes into the pen

can be transferred to your computer.

Features: Sleek ergonomic design with anodized aluminum

housingCharcoal blue with silver band & black

accents96x18 OLED Display

High speed infrared camera (over 70 images/sec)1GB NAND (over 100 hours recording time or 16,000 pages of digital notes) $1492GB NAND (over 200 hours recording time or 32,000 pages of digital notes) $199

300 mAH rechargeable lithium battery

(non-removable)Dual (embedded) smartpen microphones - mono recording3D Recording Headset - binaural or stereo

recordingEmbedded speaker

Audio jack (2.5mm) for 3D Recording Headset

USB Mobile

Charging Cradle

Length: 155mm (6.1 in.)Width: 14mm or 0.55 in. (bottom) to 16mm or 0.63

in. (top)

Weight: 36 Grams (1.3 oz.)

If you have 150 CD’s that you want to access in seconds

without searching and searching, this next product might be worth a look. Ziotek's

Media Carousel Plus puts your favorite CD’s right at your fingertips. And what’s even better, it can be used with

or with out a computer.


Built-in 1-port USB hub Select discs by keypad--fast and easy Works with all 12cm discs up to 1.4mm thick Compatible with the original Media Carousel Enclosed carousel provides increased privacy and security

for your discs Larger easy to read digital readout with keypad selection Carousel rotates both directions for ultra-fast disc

delivery With multiple USB hubs (sold separately), up to 127 units

can be connected to one PC

This week’s last product doesn’t necessarily require a computer,

but it does need a wireless network. It is the Digital Media Remote from TV


It retails for 399.99 under a variety of names including

ESPN, and it’s the ultimate universal remote. It has a 2.2 inch LCD screen

where you can view program listing, games, messages and more. You’re probably wondering, “Why does a remote

need to be Wi-fi enabled?” So you never have to search for another device code.

All the codes are sent to the remote over your wireless network which makes

controlling your home theater a breeze.




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