Tee Grizzley's Manager/Aunt Killed In Drive-By Shooting In Detroit

AllHipHop Staff

According to reports, the Detroit rapper's aunt was the victim of a deadly shooting last night.

(AllHipHop News) Rap star Tee Grizzley was reportedly targeted in a shooting in Detroit which reportedly took the life of a close business associate. 

According to reports, the rapper's car was shot up during a drive-by in his hometown.

Tee Grizzley's manager Jobina "JB" Brown was allegedly hit by the hail of bullets and killed instantly.

It is not known if Tee Grizzley was hit in the shooting.

While no name was mentioned, Detroit cops confirmed a 41-year-old woman was slain last night on the city's Eastside, near Three Mile Drive, but have not released her identity. 

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I hope it wasn't over no dumb ass gang shit nonsense. Hope it was at least over something tangible, money, dope a sandwich or something. Not just some "set" that you have no ownership in. Smh.


Yeah guess he dont run Detroit


DAMN!!! Rest In Paradise Queen!!!