Teen Shot By Obie Trice Says Rapper Is Dangerous When Drunk

AllHipHop Staff

A teenager who was shot by Obie Trice in a domestic quarrel has been granted a protective order against the rapper.

(AllHipHop News) A personal protection order has been issued against rapper Obie Trice for shooting a teenager.

The Oakland County, Michigan judge granted the order for the teenager who had been shot in a domestic squabble in which the rapper had been arrested a month earlier.

Obie Trice was arrested in early December after his girlfriend’s son was shot in Commerce Township, although no charges have been filed over the incident.

Obie was booked and jailed after the shooting and he spent a night in the Oakland County jail.

The 18-year-old was struggling with Obie, as the world-famous rapper was involved in a drunken quarrel with the teen's mother.

The teenager ended up getting shot in the groin has he wrestled with Obie Trice during the fight.

So far, Obie Trice has not been charged by the Oakland prosecutor’s office and the case is still open according to records.

The PPO request states that the teenager is “terribly afraid” of Trice whom he claims to be dangerous when intoxicated.

The PPO will be in effect for a full year until Dec 10, 2020.