Teens Who Viciously Beat Priest's Son In Controversy Over Rap Song

Two English teens who admitted to beating a priest's son to a pulp are in hot water, after they bragged about the attack in a rap song posted on the Internet.

The teens were part of a group that beat Willem Haymaker, 17, during an unprovoked attack by 15 youths in a park in Oct. 2006.

According to London's Daily Mirror, the boys admitted to the crime and escaped with probation and community service.

The lyrics make graphic reference to the attack, which took place in the town of Bexhill, East Sussex.

Lyrics included lines like: Flying kicked the kid/punched him in the face and then smacked his ribs/threw him up against the fence and then smacked him again/he was finished/his whole f****** face was diminished.

The beaten teen's father Bill Haymaker is a priest at St Paul's Anglican Church in Bexhill.

"'It makes an absolute mockery of the judiciary system," Haymaker told the Daily Mirror. "Willem's been quite quiet about it all. He forgave them but he also asked for accountability for what they did. This rap song does not appear to be an acceptance of what they have done."

Bexhill's MP Greg Barker refused to condemn the song when queried by The Mirror.

"These kids coming together to make a rap is probably the only positive thing that some of them have done for a long time," Barker said. "Is there another way of channeling them towards positive behavior so that they can make use of the fact that they can sing and have an interest in music? I want to try to see a glass half full rather than the negatives of this."