Tego Calderon Opposes P. Diddy’s Sean John Deal In Light Of Sweatshop Scandal

After largely contributing

to the burgeoning buzz of the reggaeton movement over the past year, Latin

star Tego Calderon recently vetoed P. Diddy’s offer to model for his Sean

John Spring Collection, in light of the company’s alleged use of sweatshop

labor in Central America.

Under the conditions

of the deal, Calderon was scheduled to appear in several ads across the country

including a large billboard posted in Times Square.

But according to

Tego, he felt disrespected by the company’s reputation and the offer in

its entirety.

“I heard

about the human rights violations in his [P. Diddy] clothing factories in Central

America, but frankly there was more," Calderon confessed to the New York

Post. "Me faltó el respeto, [he dissed me] with his offer. I just

did a $75,000 commercial in Puerto Rico with Nydia Caro. Someone like Puffy

could have offered more than $2,000 — but again, it wasn't about the money.

I was not persuadable. It was about the principle."

After his passing

on the offer, Caldreon was shocked to see that fellow Reggaeton artists - most

notably Daddy Yankee - weren’t as reluctant to oppose to the deal.

“It's the

principle. I don't think he [P.Diddy] knows what I am about. What hurts me the

most is that my colleagues accepted the offer thinking that it was a great opportunity.

This was about respecting us, and what we do," Calderon exclaimed. "Forgive

me, but I don't need Time Square, I don't need a billboard. I am not trying

to conquer white Middle America. I already won the hearts and respect of those

I wanted to win — mi gente Latina, my people, the street, my black brothers

and sisters.”

In response to

the allegations, P.Diddy revealed in a statement that his company has never

violated any human and/or worker’s rights since its launch in 1999.

“Sean John

has long had very strict policies with which all of its vendors are required

to comply. Our compliance team inspects and certifies all of our factories around

the globe. We have absolutely zero tolerance for non-compliance with our policies.”

After appearing

on several cuts from N.O.R.E and Fat Joe, Calderon is currently seeking US distribution

for his yet-to-be titled CD.