Telegraphing Punches: Joe Budden v.s. Raekwon

AllHipHop Staff

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If you didn't see this coming, then you're blind as a fucking bat. Some n***a finally punched Joe Budden in the face. After all that blogging, and beefing and internet videos and meetings in the men's room and peace talks and all that other s**t, a n***a finally put hands on JumpOff.

And what does Joey do? Immediately gets back on the net talking s**t.

That n***a is nothing if not consistent.

Before I even get off into this s**t, I gotta say,I know Joe Budden. Met him through Royce Da 5'9". Joe's manager is a good friend of mine. I know Raekwon, too. Met him with Power from Wu Tang about six years ago. Both of those n***as are cool dudes. I respect the f**k out of the Wu Tang Clan and my n***a Royce is in Slaughterhouse so I'm f**kin' w/ them heavy.

That's not gonna stop me from keeping it 100, though.

That s**t that happened at Rock The Bells in San Bernardino was some bulls**t.

The facts are, Raekwon and some of his n***as confronted Joe Budden in a backstage area and one of the n***as snuffed him. F**k everything else that happened prior to that.

A n***as fist made physical contact with Joe Budden's face.

That aint no rap s**t.

That's real s**t.

That's violence.

N***as get killed over s**t like that, every day.

Everything else goes the f**k out the window. F**k why he hit him, the n***a's hit now. Let's be clear, Raekwon DID NOT punch Joe Budden. Didn't even touch him. The dude who hit him is irrelevant, he was basically just an instrument of Raekwon. And on some real s**t, Wu Tang is Hip-Hop royalty, he shouldn't have to touch anybody. They should have n***as for that dirty work, and evidently they do.

I don't know what Raekwon's intentions were. Maybe just to embarrass Budden. They definitely weren't there to f**k him up because they probably could have if that would've been the mission.

Six big n***as against Joe and Mickey Factz? Bad odds for Mouse.


Joe Budden's just supposed to wear that? I think he had it coming to him, but not from some random n***a when the beef was supposedly over. If Raekwon had or has that much of an issue with Budden those two grown men need to go in an empty room, lock the door and fight.

We all know WuTang rolls deep. As f**k. Crooked I had about 60 n***as with him, s**t happened in his backyard. We know all those bodies could clash and cause a damn riot and f**k a whole lot of s**t up.

That aint necessary.

That just f**ks up the tour and f**ks up n***as bread.

They should just shoot the fair one.

One time.

On some man s**t.

No gloves, cameras, live streams, entourage, nothing extra. They should leave it all in that f**king room. Fight til one of them quits, gets knocked out or they're too f**king tired to keep going. We don't even have to know who the f**k won.

I don't even care who the f**k wins. I just don't want to see this s**t elevate to the point of no return.

True enough, all this s**t started with Joe Budden's big a** mouth, and hopefully he's learned a lesson buried in all this bulls**t. Maybe these two cats can agree to disagree and walk their separate paths in life. Maybe Farrakhan will call a meeting. Maybe Raekwon and Joe will get on stage together at Rock The Bells and hold hands and sing "Kumbaya."

I don't know how feasible that is,but I know any of that s**t would be better than the alternative.

N***as need to end that s**t. NOW.

F**k how it started.

End it.

I don't want to see another rap n***a's name on a shirt with f**king "R.I.P" or "FOREVER" on it.

F**k that s**t.