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The Fifth Circuit, one of the most conservative federal courts, has the largest

percentage of minorities of any federal circuit court in the country and has

issued many extreme anti-civil rights rulings.

The Fifth Circuit

needs a judge who will have a moderating influence on the court and who will

support vigorous enforcement of civil rights laws.

Given Charles

Pickering's record of hostility to important civil rights issues, Pickering

should be disqualified from elevation to any federal court of appeal.

Pickering has shown remarkable sympathy for cross-burners. When presiding over

a 1994 trial involving a cross burning in the yard of an interracial family,

Judge Pickering aggressively promoted his views to prosecutors that the sentence

for the one defendant who was convicted at trial was too severe, even though

the law mandated it.

In the end, he

persuaded prosecutors to drop the charge that would have required the long sentence.

Pickering has supported

measures that have helped perpetuate voting discrimination against African-Americans.

As a state senator in the 1970s, Pickering twice voted for a reapportionment

plan that would increase the number of senators per district while diluting

the voting strength of African Americans and other racial minorities.

In 1993,

Judge Pickering published an opinion questioning the "one-person-one vote"

doctrine as "obtrusive."

As a district court judge, Pickering has often made extraneous statements showing

his disdain for plaintiffs in race discrimination suits.

In cases such

as Seeley v. City of Hattiesburg, and Johnson v. South Mississippi Home Health,

Judge Pickering used identical language in both opinions, describing them as

having "all the hallmarks of a case

that is filed simply because an adverse employment decision was made in regard

to a protected minority."

Pickering has a history of anti-miscegenation positions. While in law school,

Pickering supported the imposition of stronger criminal penalties for violating

a ban on interracial marriage.

In a three-page

article for the University of Mississippi Law Review, he urged the legislature

to pass a stronger law against the practice.

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