Temperature's Rising: Dave Childz

Even the casual hip hop fan knows that most rappers love sports. If you don't have a slightly above average knowledge of the NFL and NBA, Wale's verses might sound like complete gibberish to you. But in many ways, hip hop is just like professional sports, with every emcee trying to prove they are the greatest as an athlete would. On the flipside, that flipside being the journalists like myself that nobody really cares about, my job increasingly becomes similar to a NFL recruiter. I constantly receive requests from rappers to please listen to their demo (no EPMD) but more times than not these emcees aren't at all ready for the big leagues. Hint for all aspiring rappers: Breath control may not sound like a big deal, but it most certainly is. Nobody wants to hear you gasping for air after every bar. Check out old Lupe Fiasco records (albeit still brilliant) and then check out The Cool and notice the difference.

But I digress. A catchy single will only get you so far, as the many one hit wonders would proclaim if their voices weren't wholly muted by milk box obscurity. For the millions of prospective rappers that don't appreciate the finite skills it takes to be a star (breath control, flowing to the beat and not away from it, etc) there is a rapper like J. Cole who comes into the league already equipped to run a Pro-Style offense even in his warming up stage. Similarly, Dave Childz is one of those once in a lifetime up and comers who has what it takes to make a huge impact.


Out of all the artists that I've written about for this column, I can say with absolute certainty that Dave Childz is the cream of the crop. Dave Childz was born in the birthplace of hip hop, The Bronx, New York, and it shows. By infusing his New York background, eclectic taste in music, and life experiences, he has developed his own unique sound. Accompanied with his own style of production, melodic hooks, and lyrical flows, he has created a soundtrack to life; evidenced by tracks like his self-produced single "Forever Real". Dave Childz has experienced growing notoriety and success with each release; meanwhile developing a cult-like following for himself and his ATF.L brand.


His recent EP, Forever Real, sounds like a blend of The Weeknd, Drake, A$AP Rocky J. Cole, and a dash of Kanye. Using the kind of down to earth rap that has marked the careers of some of the biggest acts in the game like Cole and Kid Cudi, Chilz provides a soundtrack to not only his own life, but the milennial listener's as well. Childz is clearly turned on to the more profound realities of the genre and its place in the 21st century, as by far the most influential genre on the planet currently. Given his unique musical background and diverse tastes it makes sense that D Childz could create something so wonderfully genre breaking. The deeper you dig into Forever Real the more evident it becomes that D Childz is a golden voice for a new generation. Despite a laundry list of transparent influences, his style is 100% authentic, and reflects a wholly different breed of talent than the dregs of Top 40 radio. Deliciously atmospheric and filled with endless layers that demand multiple listens to be picked apart-- Dave Childz has created an incredible LP, which you can stream for free below:

[bandcamp width="100%" height="120" album="3759795586" size="large" bgcol="ffffff" linkcol="0687f5" tracklist="false" artwork="small"]

I have a feeling that in a year's time, Childz will be a household name. If you feel like me, make sure to track his movements on the interwebs.

Artist website: www.DaveChildz.com
Twitter: @DaveChildz
Instagram: @DaveChildz
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/DChildz
Bandcamp: https://davechildz.bandcamp.com/