Tenants Hope They Can Stay In Their Homes As Cardi B & Offset Buy Up The Block

The rap stars have not revealed their plans for some real estate they just purchased in Jonesboro, Georgia.

(AllHipHop News) Cardi B. and Offset are investing their money wisely as the pair continue to gobble up properties to build their real estate portfolio.

According to reports, the rapping couple recently snatched up five different homes on the same block, for $201,840.

They also copped some land next to the houses for $48,080.

According to reports, the four out of the five homes are already occupied with tenants, so the purchase could be a great short-term/long-term investment for the couple.

However, there are some reports speculating that Cardi and Offset are planning to raze the homes to make way for their own, huge mega-mansion.

One tenant hopes he will be able to stay.

"We're not being asked to move out or anything. They just sold it. I'd like to stay here, nobody wants to go through the hassle of moving houses," an unidentified tenant said.

The realtor who sold the houses had no idea it was Cardi and Offset buying the homes until the purchase was finalized.

"In the near term they seem like excellent investments, so I would expect they would hold onto that income-producing value initially,” said Jeff Dimock.