Terrence Howard Readies Debut Album

Critically-acclaimed actor Terrence Howard is exploring a different route to success with his forthcoming debut album, Shine Through It.

The 11-song Columbia Records release, which was written, arranged and produced by Howard, features the entertainer on vocals and lead guitar.

The album also features production by Miles Mosley, who has produced for artists like Lauryn Hill, Herbie Hancock, Common, Chris Cornell, Jonathan Davis and others.

Although he is best known for his roles in various movies, including his Oscar, Golden Globe and Image Award-nominated turn as an aspiring pimp/rapper named “DJay in 2005's Hustle and Flow, Howard admits that "music has always been the road that leads to where I'm headed."

"Film is my vocation, my 9 to 5. In the movies, I'm doing what somebody else is asking me to do," he told AllHipHop.com in a statement. "Music is my own personal form of expression. My responsibility, like the sun's, is to shine. Even if the planet is covered with clouds, I must say what I have to say."

Shine Through It features songs like "Love Makes You Beautiful," "No. 1 Fan," "Mr. Johnson's Lawn," “Plenty," "Spanish Love Affair" and the title track.

The album's imminent release comes as Howard basks in the success of his latest film, Iron Man, which opened at number one, grossing over $100 million dollars at the box office.

The actor/musician recently revealed that filming will begin on the sequel to the Marvel Comics adaptation in March, with an expected release date of April 2010.

Terrence Howard's Shine Through It is slated to hit stores on Sept. 2.