Terry Crews And Ludacris To Star In John Henry Movie

AllHipHop Staff

Ludacris will hit the big screen to tell the tale of folk Legend John Henry.

(AllHipHop News) Sportsman-turned-actor Terry Crews and rapper Ludacris are teaming up to star in adaptation of African-American folk story John Henry.

Will Forbes will make his directorial debut on the movie, which will center on a man who offers to help two immigrants trying to escape his former gang leader.

Crews will play Henry, while "Fast & Furious" star Ludacris, real name Christopher Bridges, will portray the gang leader.

Jamila Velazquez, Ken Foree, Tyler Alvarez, and JJ Soria will also appear in the movie.

John Henry reportedly worked as a "steel-driving man" on the railroad tunnels in the early 1900s.

His story has featured in a number of songs, videos, games, books, shows, and films, with Danny Glover playing him in TV special "Tall Tales and Legends" in 1986.