Texas Cops Face Termination Over Rap Video

AllHipHop Staff

Two police officers in the small town of Taft, Texas are under fire for their role in the creation of a controversial Hip-Hop video.

The video for the song “Swangn,” by Stubo, featuring True Enough Of Salty Water Records has caused outrage in Taft, a town of about 3,500.

The video was shot in downtown Taft in June, with the permission of City Manager Flo Sauceda.

The song has local police officers in the area up in arms, as the track contains numerous explicative’s and makes references to smoking marijuana and dealing cocaine.

The two police officers now face termination for their roles in the video.

On Tuesday (August 11), the Taft City Council took a vote to reprimand Sauceda for approving the video shoot.

"I don't see what they're mad about," commented Israel Lopez, who produced the video for the group. “There was nothing in the video to be mad about."

Lopez told local Area 3 News that “Swangn” referred to a style of slow driving, which local cops maintained is illegal.

"We weren't going to do it without the permission," Lopez added. "They should have taken the time out to listen to the song and they didn't. They just gave us permission so we came out here and did it."

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