Texas DJ Arrested In Lil' Jon Scam

Police have arrested a suspect they believed pulled off a scam that duped hundreds

of people out of a Lil’ Jon concert in Fargo, North Dakota.

Scott Elkins, 31,

was arrested on felony theft charges on Wednesday. Police said Elkins is a former

radio DJ from Texas known as Hollywood Haze.

Police tracked

Elkins’ credit card to a Nebraska hotel and found him with $500 in cash

and evidence that indicated he planned the scam in other cities.

Lil' Jon said that

he had no knowledge of the scam, but assured fans that when an offical show

was booked on his behalf, he always shows up.

"I just want

to tell our fans we love them," Lil' Jon told AllHipHop.com. "If we

say we are going to do something, we gonna do it."

Officials believe

that Elkins impersonated a representative for Lil’ Jon using the alias

“Peter Schwartz” and scammed fans out of $12,000 in ticket sales.

Police said Elkins

insisted that Lil’ Jon was coming to Fargo, claiming that he could call

the mysterious “Peter Schwartz” and have the whole issue put to


Employees at stores

where tickets were sold picked Elkins out of a police lineup and identified

him as the man who pulled up in a white limousine to collect the tickets proceeds.

Officials stated

they would prosecute Elkins to the legal limits of the law.