Thailand To Introduce New Genre Of Hip-Hop To Youth

The Ministry of Culture in Bangkok, Thailand hopes to harness the power of Hip-Hop

to encourage Thai youth to be more active in the Buddhist religion.

According to The Vice Minister for Culture Weerasak Kowsurat,

the government will organize a concert on February 23 that will introduce a

new genre of rap called “Dhamma Rap.”

Dhamma is defined as reality and truth in Buddhism.

The genre of music will focus on Buddhist religious principles, including sharing

and being compassionate, while shunning violent and misogynist lyrics.

The government

selected February 23 to host the concert and introduce the new genre because

the date is a special day for Buddhists, who will celebrate “Makabucha


The day is a Buddhist

holiday which takes place annually on the night of the full moon during the

third lunar month of the year. The day honors Lord Buddha’s birth, enlightenment

and death.

Thai officials hope the day will compete with popular holidays

such as Valentines Day.

The concert and introduction of “Dhamma Rap” is

part of a broader campaign being spearheaded by the Ministry of Culture and

the Ministry of Social Development and Human Services.

The aim is to bring

Thai’s youth, who are becoming increasingly westernized, back to the country’s

native culture and religion.