Thanksgiving Dinner With a Table Full of Rappers??

J. Cole's Dreamville Signee Cozz Invites G Perico, Kap G, Eric Bellinger and more to his 'Friendsgiving'

Have you ever looked around the Thanksgiving dinner table and imagined what it would be like if Grammy-winning artist Eric Bellinger gave the blessing and Dreamville's Cozz passed you the mac and cheese? Find out tonight as new BET reality special Friendsgiving premieres just in time for turkey day. Loved host Karen Civil (of Complex's Good Looking Out) joins J. Cole co-signed Cozz, and soon his new crib is packed with artists and celebrities including Kap G, Eric Bellinger, Roc Nation's Victoria La Mala, G Perico, activist Mir Harris, viral comedian Nick N Pattiwhack and more! Watch all the personal moments tonight (and tomorrow for part 2) as the famous friends talk through the ups and downs of the sometimes-controversial holiday and muse about what they are thankful for the most.