The African Economic Revolution: Money 1st. From Rags to Riches.

Marcus Garvey

Africanism…The African Economical System.
The African Economical System - Created by Africans, for Africans.
To…Eliminate Poverty - Reduce Crime - Decrease Violence - End Slavery.
To…Develop The African Nation That's Lying Dormant in America.
To…Ensure the Survival of The African Population into the Next Century.

                               Capitalism - Socialism - Communism. 
                        Africanism - The African Economical System.

The System that we Support, creates the conditions that we live in, and the Situations that we have to deal with 24/7. When The System you Support, don't Support you, it's time for you, to find another System, that will Support you.

I have designed a System…I call…Africanism. Because Capitalism is designed by Americans, for Americans, and since Africans born in America are not Americans, African born in America are at the bottom of America's Economical Pyramid.

The Honorable Marcus Garvey pointed out in the early 1920's that Africans were at the bottom of all the Economical Systems all over the world, and in 2020, one hundred years later, the African Population is still at the bottom of all the Economical Systems, all over the World.

Africans, Enslaved by Americans, Contributed Billions of Dollars a year for four hundred years, to America's Economical System - those Billions of Dollars have created Generational Wealth and are now worth, Trillions of Dollars today.

The Descendants of those Africans, Enslaved by Americans, are Africans born in America…AKA… African Americans. And…The Africans born in America have been Contributing Trillions of Dollars a year, to America's Economical System, and Contributing Trillions of Dollars more in Labor.

African Americans invest all of their Money into America's Economical System with No Return on their Investments. Simply because African Americans don't have an African Centered Economical System to Support them.

So…Every time an African American spends money, that African American, is contributing to America's Economical System. Every time an African American earns money, their labor is the wealth, that African American, is contributing to America's Economical System.

Every time you pay a bill or buy a product or a service from anyone, regardless of the color of their skin, you are Supporting Capitalism, and contributing to America's Economical Pyramid, even if you are a Socialist.

Africanism is an African Economical System, designed to Eliminate Poverty, End Slavery and Develop The African Nation that has been Lying Dormant in The United States of Divided Americans, for hundreds of years.

Poverty is a crime against Poor People - Slavery is a crime against Humanity.

America's Economical System, robs you of your youth, your health and the wealth, that is produced by your Labor. In America if you don't work, you sleep on the streets, and if you don't beg, borrow or steal, you don't eat.

The African Economical System is designed to remove all Financial Obstacles that can possibly prevent anyone Participating in the Development of The African Nation in America, from reaching their fullest potential.

A Nation can only be as great as the members of it's Population because, The Population is…The Nation.

Everybody that participates in The African Economical System will receive 5K every month, for the rest of their lives, for Investing in the Development of The African Nation that is Lying Dormant in America.

No Individual or Family, will ever be Abandon by The African Nation, that they helped to Develop, regardless of their Circumstances.

Some of the other benefits that the members will receive for Participating in The Development of The African Nation is, The African Economical System will pay 50 % of their monthly overhead, after 6 months Student Loans, Car Loans and Home Loans will be paid in full, After 6 month all Medical Bills will be paid in full.

Africans have been investing in America for hundreds of years, will Americans be willing to invest in Africa here in America?

I didn't design Africanism to destroy Capitalism or Socialism, as a matter of fact…Capitalism and Socialism will benefit greatly because, of Africanism.

I designed Africanism to ensure the survival of The African Population into the next Century and to make America a better place to live for everyone.

The African Nation is lying dormant in The United States of Divided Americans, waiting for your participation, in the development of The African Economical System. As long as The African Population here in America, contributes to, and depends on, The American Economical System, The African Population will be Slaves in America…Building America and Entertaining Americans.

Africans born in America are the wealthiest people on the planet but they've been tricked and fooled into believing that they are the poorest people in the World, by The American Ruling Class…The Rich Racist Radicals and The White Supremacist…Known in the Political World as Conservatives and Liberals.

Malcolm X's Legendary Speech: "The Ballot or the Bullet" (annotations and subtitles)

Africans born in America have more to look forward to in America, than… Getting Money, Spending Money, Weekends, Holidays, Vacations and Birthdays. The African Nation in America is worth trillions and trillions of dollars because of The Africans born in America and The African Population around the World. For hundreds of years, other countries have been taking the Wealth out of Africa daily, and still, Africa is the Wealthiest Country on this Planet because, the real Wealth of Africa is in…The African Population.

A Nation with an Economical System, Provides for the Population, and then the Population, is able to Support The Nation, because The Population is The Nation. The Nation is The Brains of The Population, and The Population is the Body of The Nation. When The Brain neglects a part of the Body, the whole Body Suffers, and when The Nation neglects a portion of The Population, the whole Nation Suffers.

A Nation with an unhealthy Population, will never reach it's fullest potential, or be, all that it can be.

Can you imagine how strong and powerful America could be, if America were not neglecting The Poor, and The Africans, born in America.

And now…Imagine, how Strong and Powerful The African Population will be, with an African Centered Economical System.

Africans born in America are not Beggars, We are Intelligent Africans capable of…
Building Nations and Ruling Empires.
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