The Death Of A Legend, Eric Wright: 1963-1995

Today (March 26) marks the 7 year anniversary

of the passing of the legendary Eric "Eazy E"

Wright. Eazy E passed away from complications due to advanced HIV.

Eazy E, who is credited by many for bringing what the mainstream media has called

"Gangsta Rap" to commercial acclaim was just 31 years old when he

died. A rapper, father and business man, Eazy E's legend is well published.

According to popular legend, Eazy-E grew up in

the gang life in California and sold drugs, which later allegedly financed his

record label, Ruthless. The original Niggaz With Aptitudes consisted of Ice-Cube,

Dr. Dre, DJ Yella, D.O.C., M.C. Ren and Eazy E himself. The group released the

classic NWA and the Posse in 1987 and never looked back. Ruthless landed

a distribution deal with Priority in early 1987 and the label released Eazy's

first solo album, Eazy Duz It in 1988. "We Want Eazy" was played

on Yo! MTV Raps consistently and brought the NWA members to national prominence.

The following year, NWA released one of the most influential records ever recorded,

Straight Outta Compton. In addition having the theme song's video banned

from television, the group managed to sell over one million records, by word

of mouth.

After months of financial turmoil, Ice-Cube left

the group in 1989 to pursue a successful solo career. In 1990, NWA released

the successful 100 Miles And Running EP, followed by Efil4zaggin

(Niggaz 4 Life). The group fell apart, while Eazy released his second solo album,

5150 - Home 4 Tha Sick. After allegedly being threatened by Suge Knight

and pipe wielding cronies, Dr. Dre left to start Death Row and everyone knows

the story from that point forward. Eazy still released records, including 187Um

Killa, in which he took the time to answer Dr. Dre's dis records aimed at


Eazy signed Bone Thug N Harmony in 1994 continuing

the success of his Ruthless Records empire. The following year the Godfather

Of Gangsta Rap was diagnosed with HIV and shortly afterwards passed away. Eazy's

label continues to release material from the late great veteran, including Eternal

E, and Str8 Off Tha Streetz Of Muthaphukkin Compton. Today March

26th, to commemorate his passing, The Real Godfather Of Gangsta Rap has

been released, which contains unreleased songs from the legend.

Rap must also run in his family's blood line.

According to sources, his son who goes by the rap name of Lil E, is currently

recording tracks with veteran West Coast producer Daz Dillinger.