The-Dream Says Jay Z Should Meet With Donald Trump (POLL)

AllHipHop Staff


(AllHipHop News) It has been well documented that Jay Z is a supporter of President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party.

Jay campaigned for both the Obama and Hillary Clinton presidential campaigns.

But is the Roc Nation boss willing to meet with Republican President-Elect Donald Trump?

Singer-songwriter The-Dream thinks Jay should follow their "No Child In The Wild" collaborator Kanye West and sit down with the next president.

The-Dream said:

Everybody should [meet with Trump]. Jay Z should go next. Everybody should so you can come back and report to us and let us know what's going on. We need briefings, too. Eventually, 'Ye is going to tell -- whatever that is. And we know 'Ye is blacker than black. You cannot not go and see him. You can't. It's the same thing when the police shootings happened. I asked Jay to meet with every police chief that he could, because that's the only way. Being a leader means you still have to shake that person's hand.

There have been various responses from other music artists about Kanye's public meeting with Trump.

RZA and A$AP Ferg had no problem with Ye's decision.

John Legend, YG, and Nipsey Hussle were not as approving of the meet.

RZA praised Kanye for speaking "for our community."

Legend called the Kanye-Trump meeting a "publicity stunt."

What do you think about Jay Z possibly meeting with Donald Trump? Take our poll below.

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