The Freshest Kids: News Editorial

Cedric The Entertainer, Crazy Legs, Quincy D. Jones, III, Special Ed and others come out for the big premiere of The Freshest Kids: A History Of The B-Boy.

(Hollywood, CA)--The Freshest Kids LA premiere was held last night, and, I'm proud to report, that they had nearly a full house in a theater with a 425 person capacity. And for those who watch hip-hop closely for it more negative situations, this event was like a scene out of the classic old school hip-hop scene with a major portion of the packed house rockin' traditionsl b-boy wear from circa 1984 mesh back hats, provided by Circa Wear, with The Freshest Kids blasted across the front to lil' future hip-hop star to be, Lil Max's, furry Kangol, LL would have be jealous.

"I Got It Made" lyrical designer Special Ed, who heard about the screeing that day, was in the house, with MSC records A&R, and sweetheart, Dana Mason, as was, Cold Crush member and the real "MC Delight" himself Grand Master Caz w/ DJ Parker Lee and partners, whose names I apologetically can't remember, (sorry guys), also graced the crowd.

Rock Steady Crew legend Crazy Legs, arriving after the film began, served as a much appreciated surprise for the beautifully mixed audience, that consisted of b-boy fans in as many flavas as that ice cream shop.

Crazy Legs, who was definitely one of the film's Director Israel inspirations behind the film, is also one of the film's Co-producers, and in his classic b-boy fashion, despite spending the prior seven days ill, without a meal because of the flu, Crazy Legs came through, once again, for real hip-hop. My man.

It was an event that saw many talents grace it's constituancy, from the actual film to the after party held at one of L.A.'s best kept secrets, The Hollywood Canteen, forgive the shameless plug, but, real is real, the place was hot. The DJ's were tight, with classic hip-hop spinning in one room, while the best of today's hip-hop, mixed with a nice blend of dancehall, heated the other room to a fever. I even tapped a toe or two.

With appearances that evening by the film's Executive Producer, QD3 on hand also at the screening, superstar comic and host of his own show on FOX, that's right, my man's got a show on FOX, Cedric the Entertainer, who brought in many members of his cast and crew from the show, Blair Witch 2 star Jeff Donovan, the crazy kid who owned the tour company, was dancing with a fine black women. (Call him the Eminem of the dance floor, what up Jeff), and your's truly, (that's me for those who care, ha ha), even the after party was incredible.

All in all, the entire Freshest Kids L.A. premiere was a complete success. So much in fact the Executive Producer, Quincy D. Jones, III, yep his son, told me that he now plans to offer the film to companies interested in taking the film to the big screen across the nation, and with a stellar soundtrack being developed for a first quarter release, an inside track on developing a movie special for MTV built around the film and Hip-hop's history, and a tour planning to criss-cross the globe, Jones is likely to have a mega-success on his hands with The Freshest Kids.

Makes you wanna give Hip-hop a "high five", huh?