The Fugees Reportedly Reunite

The Fugees have reportedly reunited after an eight-year hiatus, group member Wyclef Jean has exposed.

Jean revealed scant details about the reunion to andPOP, but did state that the original trio of Lauryn Hill and Pras are now on speaking terms.

“All the Fugees are talking. We're all definitely talking. The energy is definitely good energy,” he said, "I spoke to Lauryn. I spoke to Pras. And [its] just real good energy, good vibes."

During the lengthy sabbatical, the group remained in the national consciousness with solo endeavors, personal and professional issues and public speculation. Clef and Pras have warred back and forth in music and media while Lauryn has also dealt with a number of personal matters as well.

Still, despite the rekindled interaction, Jean said a new album is quite a ways off, possibly a year and a half.

"It's important for the Fugees to come back and just show them what the next chapter is because there's a whole other chapter that they didn't touch yet," he continued.

The Fugees’ 1996 sophomore album, The Score, sold over 17 million copies and won the group a Grammy for Best Album.

In related news, Lauryn Hill is reportedly wrapping a new solo album and recently filmed a music video. The video was shot in downtown New York City. The album has been rumored to be called The Khulami Phase, a long running title that has been in the works for at least a year.