The Game, Akon Come Under Fire In Australia

Rapper The Game and R&B singer Akon's upcoming appearance at the annual "Rock tha Block" concert in Australia has come under fire, due to both artists' criminal records.

The Family Council of Victoria and the Australian Family Association voiced opposition to both artists appearances, claiming they were not good role models for local children.

"We don't really need people from the criminal end of town acting as heroes up on stages for our young people to admire," AFA national secretary Gabrielle Walsh told the Melbourne Herald.

Immigration officials in Australia are currently reviewing the Game's visa, while the department has not yet received an application for Akon.

Both artists have been in the headlines in recent months.

The Game was recently arrested and charged for allegedly brandishing a gun during a game of pick up basketball. He pled not guilty to the charges in June.

The rapper is also fighting criminal charges alleging that he impersonated a police officer, while riding in a cab in New York.

He also pled not guilty to those charges in January.

Akon drew controversy worldwide, when footage surfaced of the R&B singer dancing provocatively with an underage girl in Trinidad.

Verizon eventually dropped Akon as a spokesman due to the negative publicity the footage caused.