The Game And 50 Hold Press Conference Today To End Dispute

50 Cent, The Game

and their respective camps have decided to lay their beef to rest and will make

a formal announcement at a press conference today (March 9). This morning The

Game called into Hot 97 with Angie Martinez to reveal the plans.

"It’s going to

be a positive thing for both sides," said Game. “I think it’s

so much bigger being that the date is March 9 [Biggie Smalls’ death date].

I’m def doing to do what I got to do...[to be] on a positive note.”

The two will hold the press

conference today, coincidentally on the same day Christopher "Notorious

B.I.G." Wallace was gunned down.

The dispute will be resolved

at the Schomburg Center For Research in Black Culture in Harlem, New York at

2:00 pm.

50 Cent will also announce

the launch a new foundation, the G-Unity Foundation, which 50 claims will "help

people overcome obstacles and make a change for the better in their lives."

“I realized that if

I’m going to be effective at that, I have to overcome some of my own,"

50 Cent said in a statement today (March 9). Game and I need to set an example

in the community.”

Both artists will make charitable

donations to the Boys Choir of Harlem and the Compton Unified School District

Music Program.

The combined donations are

aimed at helping the The Harlem Boys Choir Academy reach their fundraising goal

to receive a matching grant.

Slightly over a week ago,

50 Cent booted Game from his G-Unit camp and the ensuing friction resulted in

a man affiliated with Game's Black Wall Street label getting shot outside of

Hot 97's.

Since, 50 has relaxed his

views and extended an olive branch to his former protégée.

Game said that the press

conference was such a pressing matter than he was ushered to New York in a private


“I see this as a real

opportunity to show the power of our community," Game added. "50 and

I are proving that real situations and real problems can be solved with real

talk. This can also be seen as a big step for my organization, Black Wall Street,

in terms of making a difference. Maybe we can help save some lives…the

way rap music saved mine.”

In related news, 50 Cent’s

album The Massacre is expected to take the #1 slot on Billboard's Top

200 album charts.

The album moved

most 1,000,000 copies in the first four days of being released, thanks in part

to the publicity the Queen's, New York rapper's album received due to the shooting.