The Game Clowns Plies; Planning To Go In On Kevin Hart, Jamie Foxx, & Others Next


(AllHipHop News) Last night The Game decided to use his Instagram page to take some comedic shots at Plies. In a very lengthy photo caption, the California rapper/reality show star relentlessly made fun of Plies' forehead. At the end of the post, Game threatened to next take aim at Kevin Hart, Jamie Foxx, Joe Budden, Tyrese, Ne-Yo, Bow Wow, and Flo Rida.

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Read The Game's IG clowning of Plies below.

The Game IG

Now you got rap beef... & then you just got rap comedy.. The difference is.. This sh*t ain't personal but some sh*t is too funny to let slide so my n*gga @Plies... I fux wit ya, ya #SweetP*ssySaturday videos n all that funny.... But yo ass bout to get it & it begins this pic n*gga.....

Yo#FoHeadGoinUpOnnaTuesday...#SweetFoheadSaturday havin ass ni*ga... N*gga yo fo'head so gat damn BIG you can fit another face on that mothaf*cka... Kirk Franklin face wit Stevie Wonder fo'head havin ass n*gga.. Fo'head so damn BIG dat hoe need to be represented by a Real Estate agent... N*gga is yo hairline smilin' at me ??? N*gga yo fo'head make Lebron hella confident... N*gga yo fo'head make yo eyebrows look like a single eyelash.. Ole' extendo fo'head havin ass... What you thinkin bout n*gga ??? Ole read a n*gga mind from a 100 feet away fo'head havin ass ni*ga... No wonder you got every f*ckin hat in the world.... Take two different barbers to line that bullsh*t up don't it.... Don't lie n*gga... Ole' face down here havin ass n*gga.. N*gga yo fo'head taller than my kids... You could build a f*ckin White Castle, 2 wings tops & 5 waffle houses on yo fu*kin fo'head n*gga.... I could write "Bih" on yo fo'head 100 times as standards n*gga..... F*ck a C section.. They had to give yo mama a Z section to get yo big head ass out .... Ya football helmet head havin ass n*gga you.. I f*ckin hate yo fo'head... All them got damn thoughts.. Low key mad at God.. Like why this n*gga get to think more than me ??? Ole' excuse me I can't see the movie screen head havin ass n*gga...... You prolly spent the 1st 12 years of yo life tryna balance that BIG mothaf*cka.... Let me host a party on yo head n*gga.... N I never met you in real life but me & yo fo'head went to school together... TO BE CONTINUED.. & @kevinhart4real @iamjamiefoxx @joebudden @tyrese @neyo @shadmoss  &@official_flo yall my n*ggas but I'm coming for you & a few others....... #DontTakeItPersonal #ImDrunkBut #ItsTooLate #YouWereBornAndNowItsTimeToPay

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