The Game Denies Impersonating A Police Officer

Rap star Jayceon "The Game" Taylor was arrested in New York on Thursday (Nov. 16) and charged with impersonating an undercover police officer.

In what is shaping up to be a bizarre incident, police claim the rapper ordered a cab driver to run several traffic lights, because he was an undercover police officer.

"This is a ploy by the Hip-Hop police to humiliate me, because they harass and follow me every time I come to New York," The Game told in a statement. "I was in New York promoting my album. I never impersonated anyone especially and absolutely never a police officer."

Police claim the rapper was in a Lincoln Town Car near 56th and 7th Avenue that ran through several traffic lights.

Police officers stopped the cab for driving erratically at 43rd Street and 6th Avenue..

The driver of the cab reportedly told the police that his passenger was an undercover officer.

Police promptly arrested The Game and charged him with impersonating a police officer.

The Game was in New York promoting his new album Doctor's Advocate.