The Game Drops '911 Is A Joke'; Reacts To Sean Bell Verdict

Compton rapper The Game will debut a new song addressing the controversial Sean Bell verdict tomorrow, has learned.

The Game will debut his song “911 Is A Joke” tomorrow (April 29) on his new website Like his Compton predecessors N.W.A., who released their classic single “F**k Tha Police” in 1988, The Game addresses police tactics and violence on the track, which also features Black Wall Street artist Clyde Carson.

"I'm outraged and speaking out for my generation that are afraid to speak out against police brutality and murder," The Game told "I grew up in Compton and had to stay silent because of the fear that was prevalent in my community, but now that I have a voice I'm speaking out."

Three plainclothes undercover officers were found not guilty of Bell’s murder, which has sparked worldwide outrage.

Bell was shot was and killed in November of 2006 after leaving a Queens, New York strip club where he was celebrating his bachelor party.

The three detectives fired a barrage of bullets at Bell, killing him and seriously wounding two of Bell’s companions.

All three men were unarmed.

"This could have easily been me, my brother, my family. So this song is for Sean Bell from my heart," The Game continued. "My deepest condolences goes out to his family and wife Nicole Bell."

The Game is currently putting the final touches on his new album LAX (Los Angeles Times), which is due in stores on July 8.