The Game Extends Peace Treaty To 50 Cent

AllHipHop Staff

The G-Unot campaign may very well be over. That is, if 50 Cent accepts the Game's request that the two once-affiliated rappers end their ongoing beef.

During an interview in New York yesterday (Sept. 29) with Hot 97 radio personality Angie Martinez, the Game extended an olive branch to his bitter rival, repeatedly urging 50 Cent to call into the station.

The Compton-bred rapper also insisted he was sincere and said he hoped to find a resolution with 50 Cent, who played an active role on his debut album The Documentary.

"[I want] just to talk and just to see where our heads are and see if maybe we can come to an even playing field -- respectfully to each other," said the Game.

"[I want to] see if we can figure it out [as] grown-ups."

In February 2005, a man affiliated with the Game was shot in front of Hot 97's Manhattan office building minutes after 50 Cent publicly kicked his West Coast counterpart out of G-Unit during an on-air interview.

The pair would later reconcile at a highly-publicized press conference, but the Game claimed the two weren't mentally prepared for it. "We weren't ready to do that. You can't force us to do anything," he told Martinez.

"I don't think that either of us was ready to get on that stage." Game further likened the failed resolution to removing a steak out of an oven before it is done cooking.

"You bit into [the steak] and it wasn't ready because it wasn't done," he philosophized. "We were just coerced into that situation. At the end of the day, we are all getting money and it should be good. Its Hip-Hop, it's a competition."

While Game sought to end his most salacious beef, he noted that his other rap rivals won't be so fortunate. "Y'all ain't off the hook. I don't want everybody to think that it's all good," he said, alluding to his recent altercation with rapper Ras Kass.

"Tomorrow, nothing is promised and that statement is bigger than Hip-Hop."

Additionally, Game re-confirmed that neither Dr. Dre, nor his beats, will appear on his sophomore opus, The Doctor's Advocate, due in stores on Nov. 14. Game stated, however, that he still has a good relationship with his mentor.

"Dre is not on the album. No Dre involvement on this album," he said. "If you looking to buy my album just because Dre did a beat or two, leave it on the shelf. This album is executive-produced by the Game. Dre took me from the 'hood and gave me an opportunity so I'm always going to pay him that respect."