The Game Joins Pro Basketball Team, Invests In Company

Rapper The Game has joined the active roster of the newly formed Inglewood Cobras, a California-based professional basketball team.

The Cobras will introduce the Compton, California emcee as one of its anchor players for the upcoming American Basketball Association (ABA) season later this week.

"It's just a branch off of the moves I'm trying to make to elevate The Black Wall Street West," Game told "I am buying a decent percentage of the team and also playing."

Other anchor players for the Inglewood Cobras include Mike Jones, Spencer Alston and Takuya Okada.

The Cobras will play 18 games at The Forum, opening the home game season on Tuesday, November 29 and November 30 against the Las Vegas Rattlers.

"I am starting at either the No. 2 or the No. 3 position - not because I'm 'The Game' - but because I've earned the right," Game exclaimed. "I grew up playing basketball. I'm only 25 and I'm still in professional shape. I've been in intense practices with the Cobras for about a month now and the team is looking forward to winning every game and selling out Fhe Forum with the help of myself and a bunch of talented young guys eager to elevate their own basketball careers."

Celebrity guests will be present at games for the singing of the national anthem, half-time shows and contests.

At 6'4", Game was a standout basketball player at Compton High School, alongside future NBA player Baron Davis.

He received a basketball scholarship to Washington State University, but was dismissed from the school during his freshman year over drug allegations. The Game’s also been featured in several Entertainers Basketball Classics (EBC) where he's already played against NBA talent.

The multi-platinum rapper outlined the team’s primary goals.

Game said, "One, playing exciting basketball and giving fans what they expect from professional players on an ABA level. The ABA is the same league that once housed players such as Dr. J [Julius Ervin] and [George] 'Ice Man' Gervin.”

"Two, selling out The Forum every home game. The Forum is best known as the Los Angeles Lakers former home, in which some of the NBA's greatest players took the stage.”

"Three, the Cobras are looking to be promoted to the NBDL just as the Arkansas Rim Rockers (former ABA franchise) were just last year. I share the same interest but the most important is that it's another opportunity that gives me a chance to give back to my community.”

"Outside of my genre of music, I am making moves to make sure my company and I live up to the name The Black Wall Street!"

Game recently partnered with 310 Motoring to create a signature sneaker line dubbed the "Hurricane." The "Hurricane" model will mark 310 Motoring's first steps into athletic footwear.

The shoe is slated to hit stores nationwide for the 2005 Holiday season.

"The Cobra's are sponsored by 310 and Hurricane, the two companies that recently joined together to develop my shoe, the 'Hurricane,' which is pre-sold out and will hit stores the day after Christmas, on Dec. 26."

310 is set to follow up the athletic shoe with a performance basketball sneaker in the first quarter of 2006.