The Game Launches Black Wall Street East, Working On 'The Doctors Advocate'

In preparation to begin working on the follow-up to his multi-platinum

album The Documentary, rapper The Game recently constructed and opened

a new recording studio complex in Atlantic City as headquarters for Black Wall

Street East.

Black Wall Street's main offices are headquartered in Los Angeles

and the rapper is also making plans for other Black Wall Street facilities in

other major markets across the country.

Game (born Jayceon Taylor) centered his recording studio in

Atlantic City, New Jersey after collaborating with Black Wall Street in-house

producer, Nu Jerzey Devil aka Anthony Torres.

"Rap is just a branch on my tree of life," Game told "I am funding these complexes with my own money. It's very

reminiscent in concept to what the original Black Wall Street was all about

- doing for yourself."

According to Ron Wallace, co-author of "Black Wall Street:

A Lost Dream Chronicles," the original "Black Wall Street" was

in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The street was in one of the most affluent, segregated African-American

neighborhoods in the United States and flourished from the early 1900's until


According to "Black Wall Street," the city was destroyed

by race riots brought on by angry white Ku Klux Klan members, who allegedly

destroyed the town on June 1, 1921.

Game's Black Wall Street East, which is set in the heart of

Atlantic City, is a fully customized state of the art recording studio, which

is serving as the backdrop for the Game’s next album titled The Doctors


Game, who as Jayceon Taylor was a member of the Los Angeles

gang the Bloods, founded The Black Wall Street as an organization and corporation

that is interested in the primary social development and economic advancement

of the Hip-Hop community.

The Atlantic City location is still under construction and features

a studio, two master suites, offices, rooms for in-house living, a recreational

room with pool tables and a classroom, where mentoring programs for pregnant

mothers and children will be established.

The rapper said he hopes to create almost 100 jobs when the

facility is completed. Other facilities will eventually open in New York, Atlanta,

Miami, Detroit, Chicago.

While no release date was available for his album, the rapper

confirmed he was "knee deep" into production on the follow-up to his

blockbuster debut, The Documentary.

"It's the same format at The Documentary. If it

aint broke don't fix it," Game stated. "I am still with Dre and I'm

working with some of the best producers."

The rapper/CEO has already recorded and finished tracks with

heavyweight producers like Dr. Dre, Kanye West, Just Blaze and Cool & Dre.

Game said The Doctors Advocate would not suffer without

the appearance of 50 Cent and his former G-Unit group members, with whom a violent

feud erupted just before 50 Cent released his chart-topping album, The Massacre.

"First off, he didn't write s**t," Game clarified.

"If you listen to The Massacre and The Documentary, it's

obvious. He didn't write anything. We would be in the studio bouncing ideas

off of each other creatively, because it's all about creative empowerment. I

did that for his album too and didn't ask for anything or take any credit. Now

50 is trying to sign all the street dudes and turn them against me."

The rapper also announced that he is seeking new talent to sign

to his Black Wall Street imprint.

Interested artists

can visit


The rapper also

stated his sneaker with 310 Motoring, "Hurricanes by 310," will hit

stores on Dec. 26

The Doctors Advocate does not have a release date at press time.